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Beauty Tips

  • All You Need To Know About Varicose Veins

    Afraid to wear shorts or skirts out due to unsightly veins on your legs? You are not alone.

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  • 5 Tips On Managing Your Crowning Glory

    Nothing defines how we look more than the way we choose to wear our hair.

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  • 5 Easy Steps To Kissable Lips

    If the foundation sets the base of a complete makeup, the lip colour is definitely the highlight of your makeup – how perfect you look may depend on how good your lip makeup is done!

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  • 3 Tips On Finding The Perfect Foundation

    As the name suggests, foundation sets the base of your entire makeup. You can easily try different eye and lip colours, but your foundation is not open to such experiments!

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  • 8 Ways To Prevent Wrinkles

    Bid fine lines goodbye without the need for botox or plastic surgery! Simply follow the tips below, and surprise your loved ones and friends with your youthful skin.

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