Make Sure You Give Your Hands Tender Loving Care

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It's not enough to have beautiful nails from the manicurist, if your hands aren't soft, smooth and a pleasure to hold, it will all add up to naught. What few women realize is that the hands are one of the most neglected parts of their body, where beauty is concerned. However think of all the times your hands are on display for people and think about the messages that your hands are sending out, just because of the way that they look. No matter how beautiful you are, no matter how put together you feel, your hands are windows into kind of person you are. When you care for them, you are showing the world you really care. 

Here are five ways to pamper your palms and restore the beauty of your hands:

At work, take your favorites scented moisturizer.

Into your palms and lace your fingers together then give your hands a massage while you consider a problem or while you're watching television or listening to music. 

Exfoliate your hands.

You can use a hand scrub or you can just mix in a spoonful of sugar into your liquid hand soap. This functions to slough off the dead cells and encourage skin cell renewal. 

Wear gloves when washing dishes.

Harsh detergents and water have terrible drying effects. Even more than that, they have terrible drying effect. Even more than that, they can irritate skin while causing conditions like eczema and psoriasis. 

Apply lotion especially for your hands every night before bed.

Use a lotion especially made for the hands. In general, these tend to be richer, more luxurious and more emollient. 

When you put your daily sunscreen, don't neglect your hands.

Nothing is quite as disturbing as dark hands, and although your may not notice it, the hands are vulnerable to sun damage and need protection.