Patient Care Services

Guardian Patient Care Centre is easily accessible by customers. It provides a total patient care programme that is personalised and comprehensive in nature. It is supported by a computerised clinical information system which is linked to a database from the United States and a Patient Care Pharmacist who has more than 3 years of clinical experiences and have gone through intensive training on smoking cessation and weight management. 

The Patient Care Centre provides private and conducive counselling area where the customer could have a face to face consultation with the pharmacist in a comfortable sitting area. 


Customers will also be able to access a wider range of pharmacy services provided by our trained pharmacist. With our commitment to serving our customers with the widest range of pharmacy services, Guardian has launched a quit smoking programme last year and a weight management service a month ago. 

Guardian pharmacists can also assess the customers risk of having coronary heart disease by conducting screening tests such as lipid profile measurement. 

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  1. Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose Checks  
  2. Chronic Disease Management Services
  3. Medication Review 
  4. First-aid and Medication Chest Consultation
  5. Smoking Cessation Services
  6. Travel Medication Advisory
  7. Weight Management

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