LMS Spotlight 3

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LMS Spotlights 3 – [3 LED Lights] For individual spots


How does it work:

  • LMS Spotlights uses Red Light Therapy (RLT) to aid the body’s natural healing process in clearing spots and acne quickly.
  • LMS Spotlights can also be used to pre-emptively inhibit an emerging pimple from developing into a full-blown annoyance.
  • Red Light Therapy (RLT) is the application of red light to treat mild to moderate acne.
  • Delivered to the skin using LEDs, a method originally developed for NASA, RLT has been clinically proven and medically tested, and is gentle enough to be used on the face without drying out the skin. RLT increases the body’s natural healing process to be twice as fast in healing mild to moderate spots



  • Acne, Skin Rashes & Allergies, Minor Skin Eruptions, Sunburn, Minor Cuts & Wounds or as directed by physician