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Get The Perfect Shave In 5 Steps

Get The Perfect Shave In 5 Steps

Shaving is a daily ritual for men – the exact way they will kick-start their day. However, the first thing a man should do is to give his skin some time to ‘wake up’.

Taking a warm shower first will make shaving easier. For a smoother shave, he should massage the shaving cream over the parts of his face that need shaving.

For the cleanest shave, shaving kits that include a shaving brush make a good option as the shaving cream soaks every hair follicle on the face.

Your shaving regime is only complete with the following steps.

The right way to prepare

Simply splashing water on the face does not prepare you for shaving. You should use warm or hot water to lubricate the follicles.

Alternatively, you can place a washcloth soaked in hot water on your face – this is what we call the warm compress. Pre-shave oils may also be applied to the skin to soften facial hair, but men with oily skin should think twice before applying.


A good shaving cream is one that is thick, creamy and moisturising. Though shaving gels are also available, creams are often preferred due to their moisturising nature.

Change shaving blades

Razors should be changed every two weeks. Though expensive, a good razor with a movable head and at least two blades are what you should invest in when it comes to shaving.

Slow and steady wins the race

When shaving, the last thing you’ll want is to rush it. You should use easy, natural strokes as you follow the natural grain of your face, making sure you do not apply too much pressure.

Going against the grain will push up the hair follicles and can lead to irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hair. Places harder to manoeuvre include beneath the chin and around the lip area.

Time to rinse

After all the shaving, it’s finally time to splash your face, and apply an after-shave. The purpose of an after-shave is to sanitise the skin after shaving.

Opting for an after-shave with less alcohol can keep your face hydrated. To further moisturise your face, use one with essential oils or even a balm.

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