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5 Tips To Help Mothers Recharge

5 Tips To Help Mothers Recharge

Advisory by Guardian

Friendly Farmacist Friday: As amazing as they may be, even moms need a break sometimes. Here are some tips for a quick recharge!

1. Get some fresh air and sunshine
Being around nature has a way of making everything seem a little less intense. Try going for a walk sometimes.

2. Stretch and breathe
A couple of full-body stretches and deep-breathing exercises will get your blood flowing, reduce muscle tension, and start the release of feel-good hormones in your brain.

3. Listen to music
Let down your hair and get carried away by your favourite tunes every now and then. Music is a great way to perk you up for the day’s challenges.

4. Have a good laugh
Watch a comedy, call a friend, or simply giggle with your baby. You’ll be surprised how smiling can work wonders on your mood!

5. Snack smart
When you feel like snacking, go for low-fat, high-carb foods because snacks like these trigger soothing brain chemicals without sabotaging your diet.

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