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Dealing Wth Mouth Ulcers

Dealing Wth Mouth Ulcers

Advisory by Roy Khoo, Guardian Patient Care Pharmacist

Friendly Farmacist Friday: Nobody likes mouth ulcers; learn about the different products to treat them with our quick guide below!

How long do they last?
Thankfully, mouth ulcers are usually able to heal without any medication and can clear up within 1 to 2 weeks.

What food should be avoided?
Minimize pain by avoiding spicy food, sour food, hot beverages, and any other food that may irritate the ulcer.

How can they be treated?
Mouth gels and sprays are easier to apply on a single ulcer while gargles are more recommended for multiple mouth ulcers.

Stronger mouth ulcer medication is also available as pharmacy-only medicine. Do consult our friendly pharmacists for more advice.

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