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Difference Between A Cold And The Flu

Difference Between A Cold And The Flu


Advisory by Gay May Lian, Guardian Pharmacist

Friendly Farmacist Friday: Sneezing, a runny nose, and a sore throat are common symptoms of both colds and flus. Learn how to distinguish between the two and stay away from them with our quick guide below!

What causes colds?
More than 200 different types of viruses are known to cause the common cold. We catch the cold when our body’s immune system fails to protect us.

What causes flus?
The flu is only caused by influenza virus types A, B and C.

How can the two be distinguished?
In general, symptoms of the flu include a sudden onset of high-grade fever, body aches, fatigue, and loss of appetite.
Conversely, colds typically heal on their own and do not result in serious health problems.

How can they be prevented?
Eating healthily, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep play an important part in boosting your immune system. Washing your hands also helps to stop the spread of germs.

You can build up your antibodies to protect yourself from the flu by getting vaccinated. While you may still get the flu after vaccination, it will likely be less severe than if you had not been vaccinated.

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