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Managing Allergies at Home

Managing Allergies at Home

If you’re sneezing for no apparent reason, it may be due to allergies you are not aware of. Due to a multitude of factors, ranging from genetic family history to physical sensitivity, it is possible for you to develop allergies at any time, and to virtually anything. For example, one can develop allergies to household dust or cat fur; irritants abound everywhere.

What happens when you develop an allergy is that your system prompts the body to release a chemical that’s called histamine. This sets in motion such symptoms as sneezing, a runny nose or hay fever, all of which are intended to repel irritants. Antihistamines are drugs that reduce allergy symptoms by blocking the action of the histamine; a pharmacist or doctor will be advise you on a suitable antihistamine or other medication for you.

Tips for keeping your home allergy-free

  • Wash your mattress cover weekly. It is also good to get your mattresses professionally sanitised twice a year.
  • If you have people in the household prone to skin allergies, you may wish to avoid the following:
  1. Keeping a furry pet
  2. Having rugs and carpets
  3. Keeping the windows open all day long, as this invites dust and pollen into your home.

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