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What is Nail Fungus?

What is Nail Fungus?

Nail Fungal Infection -- advisory by Tran Anh Nhi, Guardian Pharmacist

How does nail fungal infection look like?
Nail fungal infection usually starts as a small white or yellow spot on the nail. In later stages, the affected nail may break easily and look thickened, dull and discoloured.

What can be done to prevent nail fungal infection?
As fungi grow in moist and warm conditions, it is best to keep hands and feet dry by wearing sweat absorbing socks and open-toed shoes, or by applying anti-fungal powder. Wear your footwear in public showers or while walking around swimming pools.

What are the available treatments for nail fungal infection?
For mild infections, apply clotrimazole solution (available over-the-counter) twice daily. Alternatively, you can use amorolfine nail lacquer, which should be applied once or twice weekly. If you have an advanced infection involving multiple nails, an anti-fungal oral medication from a doctor will be the best option.

How long is the course of treatment?
The duration depends on the severity and the location of the infection. Generally, toenail infections take anywhere from 9 to 12 months to heal. Fingernail infections usually take around 6 months.

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