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What is Tinea Barbae?

What is Tinea Barbae?

Advisory by Roy Khoo, Guardian Pharmacist

What is tinea barbae?
Tinae barbae is a skin fungal infection that affects only the face or the neck regions, specifically within the beard or moustache areas.

How does it look like?
It usually causes redness, scaling and itching of the face and neck region. In severe infections, pus-filled blisters can be found.

Who is at risk?
Typically males with beards or moustaches, and older adolescents are at risk.

How is tinea barbae transmitted?
The infection can be transmitted from animal to human or from human to human. Interacting with infected animals can cause you to get infected. Poor hygiene practices, such as sharing razor blades, can cause transmission between humans.

How it is treated?
Tinea barbae is usually treated with oral anti-fungal medication, which has to be prescribed by a doctor. If tinea barbae is accompanied with a bacterial infection, the use of antibiotics may be required.

How to prevent it?
Personal hygiene is very important in preventing transmission between people. Avoid sharing personal items including razor blades. Additionally, pet owners should be more vigilant in observing their pets for any potential skin fungal infection, and seek immediate treatment when symptoms are spotted.

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