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Why Is He Crying?

Why Is He Crying?

Crying is a form of communication. Below are some reasons why he may cry. If you’ve checked and tried everything and to no avail, and if your baby is otherwise fine, then you just have to wait it out.

Cause Signs What to do
Hunger Sucking the fists, turning towards your breasts and ‘rooting’ when you pick him up. Feed him. Always respond to early signs of hunger to avoid this.
Wind His fists are clenched, tummy is tight, knees pulled up to chest and he’s howling. Burp him, especially if he is bottle-fed. Some doctors may prescribe colic remedies.
Soiled diaper His diaper is heavy and smelly Change this diaper immediately.
Too cold/hot He is uncomfortable and may be crying. Feel the back of his neck. If he is cold, add clothing or increase the room temperature. If he is too hot, remove some clothing, change to light clothing or decrease the room temperature.
Overstiumulation He is tired but cannot sleep, so he is frustrated Calm him down by giving him a warm bath, relax him with a massage or carry him and try to soothe him.
Loneliness He loves to be with you, and cries when you put him down. Carry him close to you and stay within his sight as often as possible.
Illness He may have a runny nose and a cough and feel hot to the touch. Check his temperature. If it is above 37.5˚C, bring him to the doctor.

This article was originally published on the website of the Health Promotion Board. Reproduced with permission.

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