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Centrum Women 50+ 2x100s

by Centrum


2x100  pcsItem code  623395   

    ACTIVE / MAIN INGREDIENTS: CENTRUM for Women 50+ is formulated with more Calcium and Vitamin C to specifically meet the health needs of women over 50. Support Post-Menopausal HealthIncreased levels of Iron, Calcium, and Vitamin D* help support post-menopausal health. * Compared to CENTRUM Silver (Advance Formula).

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Product Description

Ageing is nothing but a state of mind. You want to keep up, keep going and never stop moving forward.

This is where Centrum for Women 50+ comes in. Centrum for Women 50+ has been scientifically formulated with adjusted levels of nutrients to meet the specific health needs of women over 50 years. Containing 25 key nutrients including all 13 essential vitamins, it has higher levels1 of most B group vitamins2, Lutein, Vitamin C and Calcium to help support post-menopausal health, brain health, healthy eyes and bones.

• Brain Function – Iron, Zinc and more1 Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) to support mental performance

• Eye Health – Vitamin A, Zinc and more1 Lutein to maintain healthy eyes

• Post-Menopausal Health – Higher levels1 of Iron and Calcium to support post-menopausal health

• Bone Health – More1 Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc to maintain healthy bones

Centrum for Women 50+, the complete multivitamin and mineral supplement from A to Zinc

Take one Centrum For Women 50+ tablet everyday after food with water or as per directed by your doctor Do not exceed recommended daily dose

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