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Flexi-Patch, 2pcs

by Flexi-Patch


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2  s    Item code  603876    MAHS0800232

    Reduce Swelling
    Enhance Circulation
    Help with Aches & Pain
    Improve Sleep Quality

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Country of origin

Korea, Republic of

Product Description

Flexi-Patch has been specially formulated to have stimulating and absorptive functions.
These are particularly useful properties when the patch is applied to reflexology points.
Flexi-Patch supports healthy whole body circulation (HK Patent No. 1046209) and consequently better detoxification through all normal body channels.

Warranty Info

Warranties and remediesare limited to replacement cost.


Mandarin Wood Vinegar Powder, Tourmaline, Green Tea.

1. Is Flexi-Patch safe? Flexi-Patch has been widely distributed around the world with millions of patches sold over the last 16 years. Flexi-Patch does not deliver anything into the body so is not expected to interact with any medication nor does it have any known side effects. This means that it is safe for repeated use for continuous periods of time. 2. How does it work? Flexi-Patch utilizes the naturally occurring Far Infrared (FIR) properties in refined wood vinegar and tourmaline crystal powders to stimulate the acupressure points on your feet. This supports better circulation which means that your body removes waste products more effectively through all normal bodily functions. Part of these waste products go through the skin and are trapped in the patch. Effects of the patch can be seen throughout the entire body, not just where the patch is applied. 3. Who should use Flexi-Patch? Flexi-Patch is a great product for your entire family! The patch relieves you from tiredness and aches as well as provides sound sleep. Extended use over a period of time promotes even better health and soothes sore muscles and joints. You will find this product exceptionally useful if you are constantly suffering from fatigue or stress, or simply trying to recover from a long run training. 4. How does Flexi-Patch help your body cleanse? Improved circulation should mean better overall cleansing through all normal body channels such as sweat and urine. The "drawing" property of vinegar and the tendency for the patch powder to adsorb fluid assists in this. It should be noted that given the small patch size, only a fraction of what comes out of the body would be reflected in the patch after use. 5. Why is the patch sometimes wet and sometimes not? The powder material attracts water. This effectively acts like a "sink" against the skin when using the patch. If there is excess fluid accumulation at the point of the body where the patch is applied or if used at the bottom of the feet where there is a concentration of meridian points, then the patch will most likely be wet. If the patch is applied to a joint or location where there is no excess fluid retention, then the powder will remain relatively dry even after several hours use. This does not mean the patch has no effect because the stimulation effect is still present when the powder in the s remains dry. Flexi-Patch is effective whether wet or dry after use. The patch turns brown when it is wet due to changes in the powder upon contact with water. 6. If the patch is dry can I re-use it? No. Once a patch has been used, it will be slightly moist and for hygiene purposes, this is not recommended.

Place patch containing powder with printed side facing the sticky surface of the enclosed plaster sheet.
Stretch plaster when applying to skin to ensure good adhesion.
Apply patch to the soles of the feet before sleep.
Keep patch on for 8-10 hours

Daily use or 3 times per week.

Contain adhessive.

Product not designed for the prevention or cure of any illness or disease.

For external use only. Do not use on wounds, damaged skin, eyes, mucous membranes or on rashes. Stop use if redness or excessive skinirritation occurs. Seek medical assitance if in doubt. Not advisable for pregnant or lactating women. Not to be used by heart patients.

This product is non returnable.

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