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Caring For People With Cancer

Caring For People With Cancer

"People with cancer face many challenges as they cope with their condition. It can be difficult to cope with these challenges as they undergo their treatment and as their condition worsens. Caring for people with cancer entails holistic approach that caters to their physical, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual needs."

The battle for cancer is multidimensional. It is a disease that affects the body, mind and soul of the person. Coping with cancer addresses the various facets of life for they are all interconnected and, if one is neglected, it can affect the quality of life. The needs of the person with cancer becomes complex that reliance on a single individual to manage the person s condition is insufficient.

Caring for those with cancer requires a team approach. At the core is the patient himself who is becoming more involved in decisions regarding his care and treatment. Besides the medical specialist with whom the patient is engaged in regularly for the cancer treatment, he also needs help from other care providers such as nurses, therapists, family members, etc. Supportive care for people with cancer starts from the day they are diagnosed with the condition and extends even if it means palliative management.

The person with cancer has changing physical and emotional needs as he goes through treatment. So the roles and attitudes of the caregivers are important. They need to give encouragement on how the person with cancer deals with his illness and to also consider the person s comfort from the time he is diagnosed, to the time he undergoes treatment until the terminal stages of his condition.

In caring for a person with cancer, the role of the caregiver, who is often a family member or a friend, is vital. The constant physical and emotional care of a person with cancer is stressful and so caregivers also need to take care of themselves. They should also be part of a support group to share their experiences, and to improve their effectiveness in care giving

Source: Content taken from Health Promotion Board

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