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Guarding Against Dehydration

Guarding Against Dehydration

Advisory by Joshua Wong, Guardian Senior Patient Care Pharmacist

What causes dehydration?
With local daytime temperatures exceeding 33ºC on some days, it is not unusual for one to suffer from mild dehydration due to excessive sweating. Other than the weather, large amounts of water may be lost from the body during episodes of diarrhoea or vomiting. This may also lead to dehydration. Excessive sweating during vigorous activities is also a common cause of dehydration.

What are the common signs of dehydration?
Some of the common signs include light-headedness, the feeling of extreme thirst, passing dark-coloured or strong-smelling urine, or having less frequent urine output.

What are some of the complications of dehydration?
Recognising the signs of dehydration early is important to avoid any complications, for example heat stroke, seizures or kidney failure. If not corrected promptly, prolonged severe dehydration can be life-threatening.

How can one prevent dehydration?
To prevent dehydration, always keep your body well hydrated by drinking sufficient water, especially if the weather is hot or after an intensive body workout. Do not drink carbonated, alcoholic or caffeinated beverages to relieve dehydration.

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