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Handle Your Nerves

Handle Your Nerves

Are you constantly worried or anxious? Are you prone to panic attacks? Do day-to-day tensions often get the better of you? Watch out for symptoms like extreme fear, rapid heartbeat, excessive perspiration and dizziness. Often, managing these feelings is simply a matter of practising deep breathing or stress-relieving activities like Tai Chi or yoga meditation.

You may also find that when you designate a day every week that’s devoted to you, you are better able to cope with whatever stressful circumstances come your way, and your typically sensitive nerves are easier to keep in check. Often, something as simple as one morning or afternoon at the spa for a facial or massage will do the trick.Here are some other things to do to soothe your nerves:

  • Having a cup of chamomile tea or other herbal tea of your choice
  • Going out for a brisk walk
  • Taking a timeout from the heat of the situation (It works for kids and it will work for you too.)
  • Writing your thoughts down in a journal
  • Talking out your worries with a trusted friend or family member
  • Positive visualising


However, if the situation persists, there are a number of supplements you can turn to.

Traditionally a sleep aid, this can act as a calming agent or a mild sedative in stressful situations. It is often used to treat anxiety disorders and medical conditions worsened by stress, such as irritable bowel syndrome.

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