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What Is Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease?

What Is Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease?

Advisory by Marcus Heng, Guardian Pharmacist

What is Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease?
Widely known as HFMD, Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease is a viral infection that can affect anyone, especially young children.

What are the symptoms of HFMD?
Early symptoms of HFMD include poor appetite, fever and sore throat. Painful mouth ulcers will appear over the next few days, followed by a non-itchy rash mainly on both palms and soles of the feet.

Is HFMD contagious?
HFMD is contagious and can easily spread via direct contact with the bodily fluid (e.g. saliva, nasal discharge, etc.) of an infected individual. Recognising the symptoms early and keeping the infected person isolated is important to prevent its spread to others.

How does one manage HFMD?
There is no specific treatment medication for this condition other than using medicines to relieve the symptoms. Common medications such as paracetamol syrup may be prescribed to relieve pain and fever. Mouth gels containing a numbing agent may be used to relieve any painful sores in the mouth.

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