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How to Stay Positive about Weight

How to Stay Positive about Weight

Many people see losing weight as a long and painful process. Changing your diet and becoming more physically active can feel like hard work. However, there are many ways to make it enjoyable and fun so that the positive changes you make become a lifestyle. It is important to look forward to your weight loss journey, as it will keep you from giving up. This article will provide you with pointers on how to stay focused on working towards your ideal weight and healthy lifestyle.

Setting Goals

You should set realistic and achievable goals to keep yourself from being discouraged when losing weight. You can also stay motivated by thinking about why you want to lose weight and how achieving a healthy weight can benefit you. Some things to remember are:

  • Aim to lose 5-15% of your current weight over 6 months
  • Plan to lose between 0.5-1.0 kg a week.
  • Cut 500 calories from your daily calorie intake.
  • Think about ways a healthier weight can empower you.
  • A healthy weight puts you at lower risk of heath conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke.

Be Determined to Make Changes

Before starting to lose weight, it's important to have a positive attitude. If you dread the process, it's easy to find excuses to give up. Healthy weight loss happens gradually and requires patience. Some things to remember are:

  • Weight management takes time and effort.
  • You may step on the scale and find that you have gained three pounds since yesterday. Don't be disheartened.
  • Weight fluctuations can be very frustrating but they are normal. Weight changes can be caused by a variety of factors like water retention, hormonal changes and constipation.
  • The rate of weight loss may slow down as you move along. This is normal.
  • Gather your friends and family and join an exercise class or make a pledge to eat healthily together.
  • It's easier to stay motivated when you can find encouragement and support in the people around you.
  • Picture your new healthy lifestyle. When you are happier about the way you look and feel, you will have more confidence.

Have a Positive Body Image

It is important to love your body. Bodies come in many shapes and sizes. You should be mindful of what is a healthy body for you and don't compare yourself with others. When you are contented with your body image, you will automatically have a better outlook of life. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Accept and embrace your own body type.
  • Don't compare yourself to airbrushed supermodels.
  • Don't be influenced by negative messages from the media.
  • Don't let others put you down.
  • Treasure good health.

So Remember...

  • Weight loss is a gradual process. Be patient.
  • Set realistic goals to keep you motivated.
  • Love your body. Feeling good about yourself gives you more confidence.

This article was originally published on the website of the Health Promotion Board. Reproduced with some modifications with permission from HPB.

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