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ICM Pharma Lactus Twin Pack 200ml

ORS Hydration Tablets Lemon 12s

ORS Hydration Tablets Lemon 24s

ORS Hydration Tablets Blackcurrant 12s

ORS Hydration Tablets Blackcurrant 24s

Norit Carbo activatus, 125g

CranUT Capsules, 60s

Gaviscon Double Action Liquids Sachets

Out of stock

Guardian Antacid Tablet (20 Tabs)
$3.30 $3.90

Ultracarbon Tablets 20's

Dual Action Liquid Peppermint, 300ml

Double Action Liquid, 150ml

Rennie Peppermint Tablet

Double Action Tablets, 16s

Hydrosil Tablets, 20tabs

Actal Antacid, 20Tabs

Soluble Dietary Fiber Unflavoured, 30s

Xylocaine 5% Ointment, 35g

Natural Fibre Drink, Orange Sachet, 10s

Minica S, 16ml

Apple Blackcurrant Flavoured Electrolyte Powder, 10s

Only 4 left in stock

Digestive Enzymes 100s
$26.40 $35.20

Only 3 left in stock

Digestive Enzymes 30s

Anti-Nausea Motion Sickness & Morning Sickness Relief Band For Adults

Only 8 left in stock

Peppermint Tablets 250mg 16s 16tabs

Double Action Sachets 24s

Magtasil Antacid Mixture 200ml

Only 9 left in stock

Aromag Antacid Mixture 200ml

Only 7 left in stock

Colpermin® Capsules 10caps

Only 4 left in stock

Urinary & Systemic Alkaliniser

Laxative Tablets 30tabs
2 FOR $9.30

Liquid (Peppermint) 200ml

Clear Gel 25g

Ointment 25g 25g

Daflon 30tabs

Forlax 10g 20s

Laxative Suppositories 5pcs

Laxative Suppositories 6pcs

Lactulose Oral Solution 200ml

Epsom Salts 375g

Ready-To-Use Enema 133ml

Fybogel Sachets (Orange) 30s

Lactus Syrup 200ml

Laxarol Oral Emulsion 100ml

Only 7 left in stock

Fort Sachets 6s

Fort Capsules 12caps

Senokot Tablets with Senna 60tabs

Smecta 30s

Kaomix Oral Mixture 100ml

Only 7 left in stock

Po Chai Pills 10s

Potassium Citrate Mixture 200ml

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