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13 Tips On Toy Safety At Home

13 Tips On Toy Safety At Home


Toys bring fun to a child and help him/her to learn at the same time. However, if used in the wrong way, toys can also injure a child.

Here are some basic rules and tips on toy safety so you can ensure that playtime is safe and fun for your child!

  • Always read the safety labels on toys and follow the instructions provided
  • Choose toys that are appropriate for your child’s age
    • Toys intended for older children should be kept out of reach from their younger siblings
  • You should not choose toys that come with flying or spinning devices as they may cut, blind or hurt your child
  • Do not choose toys that are very noisy as they may damage your child's hearing
  • Avoid buying toys with strings or cords, sharp edges, and movable or detachable parts. The toys should not be made from breakable materials like glass, or materials that easily catch fire
  • Toys for young children should be well-made with no plastic parts if possible, to prevent small plastic parts from detaching during rough play
    • Consider choosing plush toys with embroidered eyes and noses instead
  • Always choose toys that do not topple easily
  • Avoid toys that fly or dart, or have paint
  • Check toys periodically for breakage and potential hazards
    • Damaged or dangerous toys should be repaired or discarded
  • Ensure that the toys are big enough to prevent them from being swallowed by young children
    • Avoid small objects like buttons, coins and marbles
  • Store toys properly after playing to prevent tripping and falling
  • Test the toys, especially electronic ones
    • If necessary, get the salesperson to do a demonstration before you decide to purchase
  • Remove the batteries in electronic toys when not in use. Batteries that are left in the toys for extended periods of time will leak
    • The leak is poisonous and will harm the child when he/she comes into contact with it


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