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7 Ways For Mothers To Relax

7 Ways For Mothers To Relax

Taking a breather while looking after your kids sounds difficult, but it isn’t! Here are some easy ideas for a quick recharge in just 5 minutes.

Take it outside

Head out for a walk and get as much fresh air and sunshine as you can! All these have a way of making everything seem a little less intense.

Stretch and breatheeeeeee

A couple of full-body stretches and deep-breathing exercises will get your blood flowing, reduce muscle tension, and start the release of feel-good hormones in your brain.

Write it down

If you’re looking for a quiet way to vent your pent-up frustrations, get a journal. Find a quiet spot, be honest, and let the words flow.

Blast them away

We mean music, not anything else at home. Playing some of your favourite tunes may start you singing along or dancing, and why not?

Let yourself get carried away by the beat, the lyrics, the melody, and get back that drive you had!

Laugh it out

Different from the common ‘laughter yoga’, you should only laugh because it’s funny, or because you want to.

Watch a funny movie, call a friend or simply giggle with your baby. You’ll be surprised how smiling can work wonders on your mood!

Ohmmmmm… meditate

Find a peaceful spot, close your eyes and quiet your mind. Then breathe slowly and deeply, and imagine yourself releasing your tension with every exhalation.

Visualising a favourite place where you are calm and happy can also ease frazzled nerves.

Snack smart

Anytime you’re looking for a good snack to munch on, grab foods that are low-fat and high-carb (e.g. whole-wheat bagels, air-popped popcorn).

Snacks like these trigger the release of soothing brain chemicals, without sabotaging your diet.

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