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  • MyDoc is an online platform that enables people to get advice for general health concerns conveniently and store personal health information.

    Based in Singapore, the platform lets users securely chat and have video consultations with certified healthcare professionals. In addition, MyDoc integrates a secure and private health diary feature that enables users to store their health information.

  • MyDoc is an efficient alternative to consulting healthcare professionals for general medical enquiries. It is also a more focused alternative to accessing information on the internet.

    MyDoc’s health diary feature enables users to store health information conveniently and build a timeline of their health that serves as a useful long-term record.

  • You can do so when you sign up in the MyDoc section of the Guardian website.

  • MyDoc does not replace the need to consult your own doctor in clinics or hospitals. MyDoc serves only as a resource for general medical enquiries and a secure place to store health records.

    For serious concerns and emergencies, please seek healthcare consultation from medical professionals, clinics or hospitals.

  • The MyDoc platform is a secure website that holds data on behalf of the user. Users are owners of their healthcare data and control access to it.

    Users have the option of sharing data with any healthcare professional on the platform. At all times, the user is able to see others with whom they have shared any individual health record.

    MyDoc complies with data privacy protection requirements in Singapore.

  • After signing into MyDoc, there are two ways to find a healthcare professional for your needs.

    Find Professionals section: Navigate to the tab called Find Professionals. In this section, you can view a list of healthcare professionals who are available by date. The healthcare professional who has the earliest available video consultation will be listed highest on the list. However, you can communicate with any professional listed.

    Search bar: There is also a search bar that allows you to search for a professional you may have already interacted with.

  • MyDoc will provide professionals who are trained to use MyDoc’s platform. Your preferred healthcare provider can approach MyDoc to be added to our panel. The healthcare professionals listed on our platform should not replace your existing providers and should be seen as an additional point of access to relevant medical information.

  • The panel of healthcare professionals are physicians registered with the Singapore Medical Council and pharmacists from Guardian Singapore.

  • There is no centralised call centre of healthcare professionals serving the MyDoc portal. The professionals on the panel access the messages and video consultations from wherever they are practising, and scheduled requests are responded to when they are available.

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