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Brand Story

Developed by Dr. Hiromi Shinya, a world-renowned gastroenterologist who believes that enzymes is the key to a long and healthy life, Shinya Koso is a dependable, fast-acting active enzyme supplement.

Shinya Koso contains nature-derived enzymes and ingredients that not only helps the body to break down fats, carbohydrates and proteins, but also blocks the effects of over-eating, alcohol intake - thereby improving gut health.

With over 19 million boxes of Shinya Koso enzyme series sold worldwide, these are your new go-to for improved gut health, healthy digestion, and to keep carbs at bay.

Experience an improved bowel system and better gut health with Shinya Koso.

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With more than 116 stores island-wide, it retails a comprehensive range of health & beauty products. Guardian has evolved from its pharmacy roots into a holistic one-stop solution for customers' health and beauty needs. It continues to expand its product and service range to meet the redefinition of beauty by today's customers - where health meets beauty.

Now more than ever, it's imperative for us to take care of ourselves, our health! Every aspect of our lives is affected by it, from our mood to our appearances to our lifespan. We often forget that we must first take care of ourselves from the inside out. Remember, you are what you consume! Eating nutritious food doesn't stop when you grow up. Just as children consume milk formulas such as Pediasure to develop, teens and adults should consume supplements to maintain good health. We offer a range of Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Omega 3, Glucosamine and Prebiotic supplements from reputable brands that will help to further boost your health and physical well-being.

Enhance your beauty from the inside, then empower your body on the outside. Become more comfortable in your own skin with Bio Oils, formulated by many dermatologists to be the most efficient product for you. Additionally, we offer high-quality toothpaste products from brands like Sensodyne and Colgate that encourage others to smile when they see your bright smile!

We can help you take a step closer to showing the world your true, unique self by helping you choose the right health and beauty products.

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