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Ripple Ultimate Joint Health, 60 capsules

by Ripple


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60  caps    Item code  168194   

    Ripple's Ultimate Joint Health capsule is suitable for:
    The elderly, or anyone who suffers from joint discomfort and arthritis
    Knee degenerative arthritis
    Bone density growth
    Meniscus injury
    Hand and leg arthritis
    Sciatica, disc herniation, ankylosing spondylitis
    Supplement synopcs fluid and repair damaged cartilage for sporty person of excessive actions

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United States

Product Description

Ripple has developed the first 5-in-1 capsule for the Joint and Bone Health in the market after extensive research and development. This capsule encompasses the 5 most known ingredients of proven efficacy for joint and bone health. Choosing the best source of each ingredient, the benefits of each ingredient work laterally to release greater goodness to:
Reduce anti-inflammation, alleviate the pain caused by osteoarthritis, stiffness, and swelling.
Reduce the damage of articular cartilage, bone and adjacent structures.
Enhance cartilage elasticity, help in regeneration of cartilage and joint tissue.
Lubricate joints and maintain joint function, enhance joint flexibility and mobility.
Strengthen the cartilage structure, slow down the rate of degeneration and to prevent the failure of joint function.
Help to control the secretion of synopcs fluid.


One pcs contains 400mg of the listed ingredients: Glucosamine (80mg), LippiaCitriodora (80mg, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) (80 mg), Collagen (80mg), Shark Cartilage (80 mg)

For maximum results, take 2 capsules twice per day after meal.

This product is non returnable.

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