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What Are Cold Sores?

What Are Cold Sores?

Advisory by Tran Anh Nhi, Guardian Pharmacist

Friendly Farmacist Friday: Early treatment can lessen your agony! Learn about cold sores and how to prevent them with our quick guide below.

What is it?
Cold sores are clusters of fluid-filled blisters on or around the lips that are caused by a contagious viral infection.

What causes it?
They present themselves when an infected person has an outbreak, likely due to a weakened immune system.
Stress, fatigue, other infections, as well as excessive sun exposure can all contribute to this.

How is it prevented?
To minimise outbreaks, maintain a healthy and stress-free lifestyle, with adequate sun protection especially around the lips.

How should outbreaks be dealt with?
Cold sores heal without treatment within a week or two, but early application of an anti-viral cream will help to reduce the severity and duration of symptoms.

Do consult our friendly Guardian pharmacists to obtain a cold sore cream if you are prone to cold sore outbreaks.

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