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3 Showering Tips For Sensitive Skin

3 Showering Tips For Sensitive Skin

Touch your skin – does it feel dried out? Strange as it may seem, long and hot showers actually dry out and damage your skin!

The next time you take a shower, try following these tips and feel the difference.

Keep your showers short

Taking showers longer than 10 minutes may irritate and dry out your skin. Plus, sticking to short showers can help conserve water and save you some money!

Use an appropriate amount of soap

The more the merrier? Not in this case! Using too much body wash or shower gel can damage your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Pat dry after each shower

Set aside some time for the beauty of your skin by patting – not rubbing – dry your body after each shower. Rubbing can damage and inflame your skin, which is the last thing you would want for your skin.

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